1.5C Architecture Against Climate Change | Project 2

Robotic Ceramics

Recent estimates hold the construction and building industries responsible for nearly 38% of the global energy-related emissions currently fueling catastrophic changes to our climate. In the wake of this fact, the global impact of what we design and how we build has become the center of Architectural discussion.

1.5°C explored this topic by investigating the potential of design, technology, and new materiality in Architecture as a means of aiding the global fight against environmental warming and accelerating climate change. This course evaluated design at the confluence of sustainable materials (ceramic, low-carbon, etc) and robotics with emphasis on emerging fabrication techniques, synthetic ecology, and net zero Architecture.


Client: SCI-Arc | Adv. Robotic Fabrication Seminar

Completion Date: 2022

Built: Prototype Constructed

Material: Ceramic - Stoneware, glaze

Involvement: Instructors: Herwig Baumgartner & Garrett Sutherlin Santo

Team: Casper Clausen, Yufei Guo, Liwei Guo, Kai Johnson, David Kim, Caylee Sacks