Chair is a Chair is a Chair | Project 1

Mixed Reality Ceramics

This course investigated new methods of digital design by exploring fabrication methods that hybridize contemporary technologies with the traditions of ceramic craft. The ambition of this seminar was for students to conceptualize, digitally simulate, and then prototype ceramic furniture with the aid of mixed reality tools. Each group utilized Microsoft’s HoloLens2 headsets and the Fologram app to fabricate, glaze, and assemble customized ceramic parts into full-scale pieces. Fabrication of these prototypes necessitated the production of plaster molds, slip casting of clay parts, and mixed reality aided clay construction and glazing.


Client: SCI-Arc | Mixed Reality Ceramics

Completion Date: 2021

Built: Prototype Constructed

Material: Ceramic - Stoneware, glaze

Involvement: Instructors: Herwig Baumgartner & Garrett Sutherlin Santo

Team: Benjamin Jepsky, Jorge de Ovando, Camille Thai, Kangxin Wu, Christy Yu