Table is a Table is a Table is a table

Client: Client not disclosed

Program: Coffee Table

Size: 45" w x 32" d x 15" h

Completion Date: 2021

Material: Ceramic

Architect: Baumgartner + Uriu, llp

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Kait Cartmell, Camille Thai, Charlie Allen

Table is a Table is a Table is a table
This Coffee table is part of a larger ceramic furniture project that explores fabrication methods that hybridize contemporary technologies with the traditions of ceramic craft.

The design is based on a part to whole concept utilizing a family of self-similar parts and aggregating them into a larger whole. The top part of these tapered cylindrical components are flat and keyed into one another to form a flat tabletop while the table legs can be varied in size and length and don’t always need to touch the ground. The project combines ceramic slip casting – a method of making clay forms from plaster molds – with mixed reality techniques to assemble these customized ceramic parts into this table.

The concept for the ceramic glazing was to use a saturated metallic glaze to create a reflective metallic appearance and sheen while the inside of the cylinders is glazed with a reactive deep blue glaze that runs during the firing process and produces these deep blue textured interiors that are partially covered with non-reflective glass discs to complete the table top surface.