Chromasone - Ojai Performance Space

Client: Client not disclosed

Program: Performance Space

Size: 1,100 SQFT

Completion Date: 2022

Material: Aluminum Shell, Steel, Concrete

Architect: Baumgartner + Uriu, llp in collaboration with Johannes Girardoni Studio

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Ke Li, Nourah AlBanaw, Bashayer Bamohsen, Stella Buckmann, Aditya Jagdale, Di Liang, Zane Ellis-Rector, Christy Luong, Mitsuki Ikeda, Kathryn (Katie) Hayes, Aiden Ko, Erin Light

Consultant: NOUS Engineering (Structure), CIG (Aluminum Shell)

Chromasone - Ojai Performance Space
Located in the Ojai Valley on a property with clear views to mountains and a creek nearby, the Ojai Performance Space is designed to reflect the natural beauty surrounding the project. The performance space is designed in collaboration with artist Johannes Girardoni as an immersive light and sound experience to inspire expanded states of awareness and connection. The structural shell is a seamless double curved shell fabricated from aluminum, clad in multiple layers of mirrored material, currently being fabricated by a shipbuilder. The fractured exterior facades are being fabricated from a variety of finishes, each reflecting the surroundings.

The concept for the Ojai Performance Space is to create an immersive environment in which a symbiotic relationship between color, sound and space is created for a specific audience in a specific location. The ellipsoidal shaped volume designed by a collaboration with a visual artist, musicians, and the architect. While the exterior appears as a complex pixelated mirror it stands in stark contrast to the smooth ellipsoidal interior space that creates a sense of endlessness filled with sound and color projections. The rigorously curated program creates a transformative experience by linking live sound through a series of algorithms into imagery and patterns. Surround speakers in the walls and floor make for an all immersive sound environment while the images are projected from a center column onto walls and ceiling as a seamless animated set of images.