Jazz - Large Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Client: City of Los Angeles

Program: Accessory Dwelling Unit

Size: 1200 SQFT

Completion Date: 2021

Material: Ceramics, Concrete, Wood

Architect: Baumgartner + Uriu, llp

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Nourah AlBanaw, Charles Allen, Stella Buckmann, Lilith Swan

Jazz - Large Dwelling Unit (ADU)
Concept: ADU by You dwellings

Based on Nike’s concept of customizing sneakers by being able to choose and mix different colors patterns and styles we took a similar approach and applied this concept to the architectural scale of an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU.

The B+U’s ADU is designed by you!

It is a kit of parts that you can choose from and customize the SIZE, STYLE, MATERIAL and COLOR. You can mix and match them as you wish so each unit is unique and personalized to reflect your personal tastes.

STYLE: The three designs allude to musical genres – Jazz, Funk and e-POP that reflect the spirit of each design. All three designs share a simple concept of distinct parts that are joined together by large glass elements that allow light and air to wash into the spaces and offer unique views to the outside however they differ in their formal presence, verticality, and spatial experience.


Our largest unit is a 3bedroom/ 3 bath, 1200 sqft ADU with a spacious layout. The unit has tall ceilings and includes a generous loft space that expands the space vertical and gives you a bonus room.

MATERIALS and COLORS: We offer a range of material and color combinations for the exterior and interior that produce different levels of expression from a super minimal aluminum box with white walls to a custom glazed terracotta façades that are lively, colorful, and expressive.

PRE-APPROVED: We are excited to have all ADU models pre-approved by the Los Angeles department for building and safety.

FABRICATION: The ADU is completely prefabricated, flat packed and shipped on site to safe time. Each building component is steel framed and enclosed with insulated metal composite panels. The exterior façade attaches to pre-installed anchors which allows for great flexibility in terms of material and color choices.