Super Natural Skypark

Client: San Jose Urban Confluence

Program: Public Park

Completion Date: 2020

Architect: Baumgartner + Uriu, llp

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Nourah AlBanaw, Bashayer Bamohsen, Aditya Jagdale, Di Liang

Super Natural Skypark
Super Natural Skypark is conceived as an iconic destination for San Jose; a civic monument to appreciate from both a distance and as a destination with interiority for people to experience individually or together as a group. It is a three-dimensional public space.
SkyPark is inspired by the majestic Redwood forests of Northern California.  Arranged like groves of trees, the project’s columns are designed to evoke the feeling of being under a forest canopy; as if you are both outside in the environment, yet, inside a cathedral of gigantic trees. SkyPark is a three-dimensional shaded public space for people to gather and to be able to travel up through the canopy to reach an exuberant park on top with bbq pits, picnic areas and a café to enjoy the vista over San Jose and beyond.  It is not only a new park in the sky, it’s a new Civic Perch.

Innovation: The Super Natural SkyPark is a symbol of the innovative and technological epicenter San Jose and Silicon Valley are known by the world as. It is a celebration of invention, discovery, and the potential technology offers our future. SkyPark is bold, designed with an iconic form and visually arresting LED clad skin. The park itself seems to be floating in the sky, held up by a cluster of thin columns that are bundled together at the top to form a new landscape. On the underside of this park, AI algorithms synchronize the LED arrays into high resolution video simulations of our environment’s most threatened forests. This ‘digital canopy’ displays the growth, change, and beauty of these endangered natural wonders.   

Super Natural:  The ‘digital canopy’ lighting concept gives this icon a strong visual presence day and night.  Since the top of SkyPark is 200’ up in the air and has many openings, there will be plenty of sunlight filtering through the slender columns to Arena Green below, simulating a real forest. The LED’s are fully adjustable, to be dimmed or turned off, and include sensors that respond to different seasons, lighting conditions, and environmental conditions without being detrimental to the wildlife and ecosystem of Los Gatos Creek/Guadalupe Rivers. 

Net Zero: The project will be designed as a net zero energy project which includes rain water collection system to irrigate the SkyPark landscape and PVC trees on top that will provide sufficient energy to power the LED screens.