Fire Memorial, Los Angeles Fire Department

Client: Los Angeles County Arts Comission

Program: Memorial

Size: 1,800 sq ft

Budget: $100,000

Completion Date: August 2016

Built: Un-Built

Material: Stainless Steel Pipe

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Shahe Gregorian

Consultant: Matthew Melnyk (structural engineer), Tomas Osinski (Fabrication Consultant)

Fire Memorial, Los Angeles Fire Department
The Fire Memorial was designed for Santa Clarita's Fire Department as a competition proposal BPLUSU was invited to submit for Fire Station 150's memorial. The proposal centralized on an installation memorializing the 343 fire fighters that lost their lives during the tragic events of 9/11.

The proposal includes a free standing object made out of 343 aluminum rods that are bundled into vertical and horizontal elements before they gradually deform and untangle into a dynamic array of lines that swirl into the sky, tangle into large knots and curvilinear strands before unifying again into an orderly system of columns and beams.

The names of the fire fighters are embedded with metal lettering into the concrete floor below the object and arranged into meandering paths memorializing their lives and sacrifice.