Wipro Pedestrian Bridge

Client: WIPRO

Program: Pedestrian bridge

Completion Date: July 11th 2013 (proposal)

Material: Steel

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Wipro Pedestrian Bridge
The design for the Wipro Pedestrian Bridge aims to both provide a convenient and easy to use connection between the two parts of the campus and create a new iconic structure for the WIPRO campus that is inspired by Wipro’s current logo and storied heritage. Visitors and workers alike can experience the Wipro identity first-hand through this iconic pedestrian bridge structure.

The bridge is composed of a tubular steel structure with large circular openings that span the street and provide both protection from the elements and views out to the surroundings. The large apertures perforate the reflective metal shell and allow specifically framed views toward both ends of the campus. Break-out spaces at each aperture allow visitors to stop and enjoy the luscious views of the campus. These apertures also expose outside viewers to a brightly-colored interior inspired by Wipro’s rainbow color scheme. The Bridge will be built out of steel like a ship hull with steel ribs and plates that form the structural support and architectural enclosure. The stairs and walkable surfaces are made out of cast-in-place concrete.