Soccer stadium

Client: Withheld upon owner's request

Program: 70,000 seat soccer stadium and mixed use towers

Size: Withheld upon owner's request

Budget: Withheld upon owner's request

Completion Date: October 10th 2013 (proposal)

Built: Unbuilt

Material: Multibles

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Consultant: Withheld

Soccer stadium
The proposal for this soccer stadium (undisclosed location per client request) is intended to be both an important landmark building in the region that expresses the richness and diversity of its culture and a world-class sporting venue. For the stadium design we appropriated this effect to generate a double-layered roof structure. This structure operates as a concourse enclosure, encircling the stadium. The outer layer of the enclosure includes restaurants, bars and other family friendly entertainment and splits with openings in between broad bands of the lattice structure enable views from the outside in and from the inside out.

The stadium will accommodate approximately 65,000- 70,000 spectators in addition to providing areas for TV broadcasting, administration, VIP lounge and players’ facilities. A public concourse in a layered envelope extends on the ground level to provide outdoor public areas that rest above the parking facilities. The stadium will create a family orientated venue that will include a variety of different restaurants and bars and other entertainment. Besides providing venue for football events, the stadium was designed so it can be reconfigured for a variety of events including rock and pop concerts, as a final destination for parade’s, as well as for other sporting events including baseball and hockey.

Although the primary function of the sports complex is to meet the needs of the athletes, the design does not forget the needs of the spectators. The stadium enhances spectators’ experience by considering the essential structural, programmatic, contextual, infrastructural and stylistic elements and then ultimately culminating those into “a strong, integral architecture”.

A key feature of the Stadium is its retractable roof, which opens in a circular fashion wherein the aperture roof blades are disposed by sliding on top of each other and moving towards the perimeter of the circular opening.

Another important feature is the raised plaza surrounding the stadium, which provides cover for parking and connects the stadium with the rest of the development which includes two housing towers for a total of 600 residential units. Each tower is about 30 levels tall and will overlook the stadium. The development also includes a 30 level tall 300-500 room hotel as well as a 30 level tall office tower. This platform creates a large pedestrian plaza for the 70,000 visitors and can also be used for parades.