B+U Lecture at IOA, Angewandte

B+U to lecture at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. IoA Silver Lecture Series, Architecture & Technology.

May 3rd, 2017

May 3rd, 7PM
Lichthof B, Vienna

IoA Sliver Lecture Series, Architecture and Technology:

“Technology is the answer ... but what was the question?” (Cedric Price, 1966)
The Greek term téchne, is a term which up until today in European philosophy, coined the notion of Art, Science and Craft. The history of technology could be described as the history of inventions in form of tools and techniques. At the same time, it is closely connected to the history of science, economics and social agendas – a history of the very human condition itself. Weather viewed through the topic of energy, information, productivity, machines, or social development, today most of the world is accommodating a “technically civilized life” to some extent.“It is the moral, economic, and political choices we make, not the machines we use”, Lewis Mumford argues, “that have produced a capitalist industrialized machine-oriented economy, whose imperfect fruits serve the majority so imperfectly.”

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