EXHIBITION: A New Sculpturalism

B+U's work is featured in this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art

June 2nd, 2013

B+U's work is featured in this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles with the title " A new sculpturalism- Contemporary Architecture in Southern California".
Los Angeles – The Museum of Contemporary Art presents A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California, the first extensive, scholarly examination of the radical forms that have become prolific in Southern California architecture during the past twenty-five years. The exhibition begins by focusing on work from the mid-1980s, a period when postmodernism was waning and buildings by Frank Gehry, Franklin D. Israel, Thom Mayne, Michael Rotondi, and Eric Owen Moss were expanding the possibilities of form.First identified by Charles Jencks as the L.A. School in the early 1990s, this loose cluster of practitioners evolved into a larger galaxy centered on common theoretical and technical approaches as well as Los Angeles’ unique urban landscape. The exhibition moves on to highlight the subsequent generations of expressive, experimental, and avant-garde architects in Los Angeles, while also exploring the influence of the city itself—its geography, schools, politics, and socioeconomic character—on their work. Celebrating the ideas, projects, and processes of major and emerging figures in contemporary Los Angeles architecture, the exhibition presents works by over thirty architectural firms based in Los Angeles, including Arshia Mahmoodi, Atelier Manferdini, Baumgartner + Uriu (B+U), Ball-Nogues Studio, Belzberg Architects, Bestor Architecture, Brooks + Scarpa Architects, Coscia Day Architecture and Design, Coy Howard & Company, Daly Genik Architects, Eric Owen Moss Architects, Franklin D. Israel Design Associates, Gehry Partners, Giovannini Associates, Greg Lynn FORM, Hodgetts + Fung, JOHNSTONMARKLEE, Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects, MAKE Architecture, Mark Mack Architects, Michael Maltzan Architecture, Morphosis Architects, Neil M. Denari Architects, Patrick Tighe Architecture, P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, Predock Frane Architects, Randall Stout Architects, RoTo Architects, Saee Studio, Studio Works Architects, Tom Wiscombe Design, Touraine Richmond Architects, Warren Techentin Architecture, and XTEN Architecture.

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